SI-RSS- Mainflex silicone hoses

SI-RSS- Mainflex Silikonschläuche
Material: plastic
Design: Silicone foam round cord
Material: Silicone foam
Temperature min.: -60 °C
Max. temperature: 200 °C
Special applications: 

Product description

Due to their durability, LAGRA silicone cords offer a wide range of applications. They are used in the laboratory and food industry, as well as in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, among others.

They are also perfect as a sealant to protect against moisture, dust and changing weather conditions, both in low and high temperatures.  

Our silicone round cords are compliant with BfR XV. and FDA § 177.2600. The dimensional tolerances of the silicone round cords are in accordance with the DIN ISO 3302-1 standard.


On request you will receive:

  • Silicone cords with rectangular, round and trapezoidal cross-sections
  • Blanks, self-adhesive versions, coated versions (fluorine, PTFE), metal-reinforced versions

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