Goals and values

A strong team

The value of our company is determined by our employees, from the trainees to the management. It is our clear goal to compete with many other companies with this powerful team. The basis for this is fair human interaction and performance-oriented pay. We promote an environment in which employees enjoy their work and exchange information in order to clearly understand the meaning and purpose of their work. Successful cooperation is only possible with a team that acts true to the motto "One for all, all for one".


Service for our customers and partners

We want to fulfil the market-oriented wishes of our customers. In doing so, it is important to recognise optimisation potential in our customers and to offer them a solution that is as holistic as possible. Our slogan "Service for you" should not only be a motto, but also lived.


Quality is the foundation

Quality is an absolute must. The goal must always be 100 % quality. If an error is detected, the reaction must be immediate, the problem solved and eliminated for the future. Quality is not "checked", but produced. Error rates are to be minimised through interdepartmental cooperation.


Performance generates success

In international competition, it is an absolute must to offer our customers a product with a very good price-performance ratio. At the same time, we must maintain a level of performance that enables us to continue to maintain our position in international competition - especially in competition with low-wage countries - and to keep our customers 100% satisfied.


Profit secures the future

In order to secure the company, it is urgently necessary to act in a profit-oriented manner. The profits should be invested in the company to guarantee an expandable basis for the future.


With know-how progressive innovations

We provide training and further education in our company and train our own skilled workers. We give young people a chance to help shape their own future and also offer our employees extensive further training measures to meet all current and future requirements of the market. At the same time, we create the basis for further innovations.


Medium-sized family businesses with short routes

The company's family charm lies in the fact that all employees feel like independent entrepreneurs who think and act for themselves within the company. This is an essential part of the company's policy. Quick decisions and an "open ear" towards employees characterise the actions of the management and support successful cooperation within the companies.


Active and successful beyond the borders

As a market for us, not only Germany comes into question for sales, but we want to operate internationally. We want to be competitive and advantageous for our customers with our services and products, especially in the European Union. The second priority is to be in the Near and Middle East. The Far East, North Africa and North, Central and South America have the third priority. Opportunity-oriented exceptions confirm the rule.


A clean environment

We not only want to fulfil the official requirements, but also optimise all operational processes and consumption in order to use the resource environment sparingly.